My father has been a resident at Kington Court since May 2014. He was admitted as a permanent resident following a series of minor strokes resulting in sudden onset of Dementia, requiring him to have full time care. He had previously been admitted to Kington Court for respite care and had enjoyed his stay there, so we decided that it would be the most appropriate place for his full time care. During the past 18 months or so, I have found the staff to be welcoming and show compassion towards all of the residents there.

I live in London, making it difficult to see my Father on a regular basis, however, the staff always inform me of any changes to my father's health or tell me what he has been doing that day when I call them. The rooms are on the first floor, which lends a 'light and airy' aspect to the building, which can only contribute positively to the health and well being of the residents. I do look forward to my visits there and feel that the staff are part of my extended family as they always make me feel welcome. Witnessing a parent or loved one experiencing Dementia is a harrowing experience for all concerned, the staff at Kington are clearly trained in being sensitive towards the emotional aspects and therefore make attempts to ease the burden that families may feel. I would therefore highly recommend Kington Court.

Pat T on Sunday 11 October 2015


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