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Blanchworth Care Group - Head Office The Cider Mill Blanchworth Nr Dursley Gloucestershire GL11 6BB T: 01453 540120 F: 01453 544218 E: debbie.curtis@blanchworth.co.uk www.blanchworth.co.uk


JOB TITLE: Cleaner
REPORT TO: Manager of Home
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Care

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the cleaner is to maintain the cleanliness of the interior to the standards set by the management


JOB TITLE: Residential Care Co-ordinator
REPORT TO: Person in charge of the shift
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Manager & Director of Nursing & Care

The position of Residential Care Co-ordinator acknowledges the skill and professional development of the individual achieved through the successful completion of NVQ level 3 or a higher qualification.