JOB TITLE: Cleaner
REPORT TO: Manager of Home
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Care

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the cleaner is to maintain the cleanliness of the interior to the standards set by the management

a. Reading, being familiar with the policies of the home and Blanchworth Care
b. Participating in and promoting team work and good working relationships
c. Arriving on duty punctually, correctly dressed with a tidy appearance
d. Report to the housekeeper on in her absence the person in charge when arriving and leaving
e. Notifying the office of intended leave of absence from duty and the date of the intended return as soon as practically possible
f. Reporting all incidents and accidents involving residents, visitors, self or any other person as soon as they occur
g. Know and be ready to follow the correct Fire, Health and Safety, and complaints procedures for the home
h. Help to provide a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the residents relatives and friends
i. Make the most effective and economical use of all of the supplies and equipment

a. Tidy, dust, hoover and polish, clean toilets and bathrooms, shampoo carpets and upholstery. Wash paintwork and clean the interiors of windows.
b. Spring clean as directed by the management
c. Other tasks that may from time to time be allocated to you